Gold Finder Underwater Viewing Scope


Gold Finder Underwater Viewing ScopeThe Gold Finder can be a prospectors (or fisherman’s) best friend, and give him/her the ability to see what is hiding below the surface of lakes, streams, creeks and rivers, or to even check on the riffle action of a sluice.  This is always an advantage.

Our unit is made from tough white PVC with a strong 4″ acrylic lens, steel handles, kerfed lens housing  painted flat black interior to reduce glare.

Instead of using a black liner (as others do) that takes up viewing space, or using black ABS and painting the outside white, we take the time to paint the interior a flat black.  As mentioned, this reduces the internal glare that interferes with viewing.

ABS is heavy and actually can sink if you lose your grip, not only that, but the black makes it harder to find, if dropped and if you paint the outside, it doesn’t take very long to start chipping, and looking like crap in a short time.  PVC is white, more buoyant and because we add the black on the inside, it isn’t exposed to outside forces to chip it.

Kerfed Lens HousingThe lens is recessed into a protective housing that is “Kerfed” to help clear air bubbles away from the lens area giving you an unobstructed view.  This method is much more efficient than simply drilling holes.

The top viewing portion has a soft plastic trim colored in high visibility orange which aids in finding the unit if it ever gets away from you.

Current size is 24″ in length with 4″ viewing area. Larger one’s are in the planning and testing stage and will soon be released via this site.

There are many other uses for this type of product as well.

If you wish to purchase one, please locate the dealer nearest you from the list on the right.  As new retailers become available, we will add them here.

Manufactured by Motherlode Prospecting Supplies